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I wish to further understand the mysteries in this universe through music, art, literature, scientific discovery, observations about the physical world, empathetic experiences of the emotional world, and especially through the human touch of humor and love.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Amsterdam by Night by mofotografie

Best wishes for a Happy New Year 2015 from Amsterdam !!! via 500px http://j.mp/1x7jKn2

The Red House by Pablo_Santos

Peggy's Cove (Nova Scotia, Canada) via 500px http://j.mp/1zzeSnB

Rush Hour by Andrewdeerphoto

Grand Central Station, New York City via 500px http://j.mp/1x7jJQc

Dubai Fireworks - Happy New Year! by m_3sker

via 500px http://j.mp/1tqqY05

A Happy New Year 2015 in Dubai by KazuyukiTakita

via 500px http://j.mp/1y9LRUj

Sydney Fireworks 2014 by SatishShrestha

Happy new Year to all the 500pxer from satish photogarphy http://j.mp/1tq7IQl via 500px http://j.mp/1tq7GYZ

NYC by bb33fr

New York skyscraper at World Trade Center via 500px http://j.mp/1tpVKWY

HAPPY 2015 by OliverWu

2015 TAPIEI 101 FIREWORKS via 500px http://j.mp/1tpLeiu

Mrauk u canon by akegooseberry

This is tilt shift lens effect .we used when we need some different effect and feeling. via 500px http://j.mp/1tpyEQq

Well hello there 2015! by chabotc

Wishing all my wonderful friends a fantastic new year filled with love and success, and a night filled with all kinds of sensible and perhaps some less sensible and memorable celebrations :) Lets go show this year what we're all about via 500px http://j.mp/1wD795P

Happy New Year ! by maljaberi

via 500px http://j.mp/1zSxYdu

Vegas Strip by Zaucedo_Escobar_photography

vegas strip at night via 500px http://j.mp/1rCnj3N

Fire And Colors || by mohamed-alwerdany

Happy New Year 2015 Follow me on Facebook via 500px http://j.mp/1y8S0Qz

Bay Bridge by BhumsooKim

via 500px http://j.mp/1toLTRi

Inside by Forcerouge

Reflets de Tours à Paris via 500px http://j.mp/1B6RZfs

Works of Art by teach50

via 500px http://j.mp/1B6RYYX

Dubai 2015 - Happy New Year! by DanielCheong1

Happy New Year to all my 500px followers! Thanks for your constant support! My website: http://j.mp/1d7M37o Follow me on Facebook | Instagram via 500px http://j.mp/1tokjUo

manhattanskyline by GoranRukavina

View of the Manhattan skyline from Dumbo Brooklyn via 500px http://j.mp/1tokjUc

Ярославль by Dyakiv

Рассвет / Ярославль • Web: Dyakiv.500px.com • VK: vk.com/Dyakiv • Insta: Instagram.com/Dyakiv • VSCO: Dyakiv.VSCO.co via 500px http://j.mp/1vH92iH

train station w/ ice boarding / jena paradies by novolit

A view from the Jentower/Intershoptower ("Keksrolle") towards the ICE train station in Jena, Germany. via 500px http://j.mp/1xhxbAx

HAPPY 2015 FROM GREECE by GeorgePapapostolou

Happy new year 2015 for all world from Greece!!!!!!!!! If you like my photos, like me on facebook page please: clik here via 500px http://j.mp/1tnWlbT

Christmas Conservatory by TomShacochis

This is the Conservatory at the Lewis Ginter Gardens in Richmond, VA. It is customary to light up the gardens with celebration during the Christmas Holidays. It is splendid at any time during the year...but at Holiday time...it outdoes itself. via 500px http://j.mp/1tCtLJB

pontND by simonusantonius

via 500px http://j.mp/1tnWjAN

Golden Gate Bridge by konsha

San Francisco, USA via 500px http://j.mp/1tnWhJ9

British Museum by patrickdesmet

via 500px http://j.mp/1tCtLsM

Une promenade by Jcmudet

www.jcmudet.com via 500px http://j.mp/1zRWPhF

Église Notre Dame des Victoires, Vieux Québec by ClermontPoliquin

via 500px http://j.mp/1ELlk31

Metropolis by FreemanLaw

via 500px http://j.mp/1ELecUs

The Coincidence 12:00/24:00 by LeWelsch

Happy New Year and Simply the Best for the Future. Photo: School Building in Wabern, Switzerland Shooted Noon and PSed to Midnight + Firework. via 500px http://j.mp/1BmOShi

Warm blessings by scottinnes

The temple looked so beautiful and tranquil this morning against the pure blue sky with the sun giving a magical shimmer of light. via 500px http://j.mp/1BmOQWT

The city by the bay *Rev 3 by geraldmacfly

Sorry and thank you to those earlier that gave me some likes and feedback on this photo. I had to revise a few problems and this is(maybe) the final version :) This spot is nothing new so it is hard to come up with something different from all the nice photos already on the internet. I wanted to try something different so I went for a blend of 3 exposures shot within about 45 minutes between 1st and last. I manually blended the exposures in Photoshop using luminosity masks. It is a mix of a beginning of blue hour sky with a long exposure to smooth out the water of the San Francisco bay mixed with some ends of blue hour with the lights over the city and bridge as well. via 500px http://j.mp/1BmOOOT

Mucem by M-LaFleur

via 500px http://j.mp/1K2sS1x

Dresden by Chris_Ruhrmann

Part of Dresden via 500px http://j.mp/1zxFrcT

Интерконтиненталь by petrus71

via 500px http://j.mp/1K2sUq9

San Francisco fireworks by alierturk

San Francisco fireworks... via 500px http://j.mp/1tnnGuE

HAPPY NEW YEAR! by DavidGomes1

Happy New Year! Feliz Ano Novo! Feliz Año Nuevo! Bonne Année! С Новым годом!! via 500px http://j.mp/14dizHK

My last day in Paris ... by dib067

... and my last photo for 2014! Thank you all for your support, I wish you a successful New Year and all the best in 2015! God bless you! via 500px http://j.mp/1B66uQC

See you in 2015 by Atha_Pana

Ok, I am still at home and so I captured the possibility to upload one last photo of my hometome, Thessaloniki, the capital of Macedonia, Greece. via 500px http://j.mp/1I0CV3t

Los Angeles Train Yard by scientifantastic

via 500px http://j.mp/1I0CTIM

botanic garden w/ snow by novolit

A view from above towards the botanic garden in Jena, which was founded by J.W. v. Goethe. via 500px http://j.mp/1B66oZk

last capture of 2014 by cadillac_rouge60

via 500px http://j.mp/1vuxOBJ

Dark City by alexteuscher

http://j.mp/1kKJjTY via 500px http://j.mp/1vuxOBw

Foy by khaledbakkoraphotography

Shot for Burj Al Arab - Dubai - Foggy Morning via 500px http://j.mp/1vuxLWu

the torch by ahmedhamid77

© copyrighted Any commercial use of this image , for free or for fee , is subject to it's author's formal approval . ahmed.hamid77@gmail.com via 500px http://j.mp/1x5C0gM

Speicherstadt Hamburg by Meduana

via 500px http://j.mp/1vuxLFZ

Reflections by eriksson99

One of many bridges in Stockholm leaves beautiful reflections on the water. via 500px http://j.mp/1x5C00g

Erasmusbrug by sergevs

via 500px http://j.mp/13THRKk

Shine on Me by SajeeshKumar

The morning sun shining upon a lone cyclist.. Sharjah UAE. via 500px http://j.mp/13THTSv

La Defense by Ross_Farnham

via 500px http://j.mp/13THRtB

Everyone has their own New York in the heart, place where there is hope for everybody. by emil4l

Everyone has their own New York in the heart, place where there is hope for everybody. via 500px http://j.mp/1rB6C94

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