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I wish to further understand the mysteries in this universe through music, art, literature, scientific discovery, observations about the physical world, empathetic experiences of the emotional world, and especially through the human touch of humor and love.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rapture by Turnipfarmer

Tulip Staircase, The Queens House, London, England - http://j.mp/1npm4lX Back the wonderful Tulip Staircase at the Queen's House in Greenwich. Such a wonderful and elegant staircase compared to many that I have visited. I could have looked at this staircase all day. I have uploaded this staircase before but I wanted to try it in B&W just to compare. The low key version I did just didn't do it for me so went for the high key look which I really like. Really brings out the details of the staircase and doesn't distract the viewers away from the finer parts of the image. Sorry I don't have much new stuff to upload at the moment. I am getting some new stuff here and there when I get a bit of free time but training for a new job and moving into a new house is taking up my time at the moment but I do have a list as long as my arm of places around the North Yorkshire coast I want to visit soon ;-). via 500px http://j.mp/1khIlLh

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