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I wish to further understand the mysteries in this universe through music, art, literature, scientific discovery, observations about the physical world, empathetic experiences of the emotional world, and especially through the human touch of humor and love.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ljubljiana by peacess

Ljubljana (Slovene: [ljuˈbljàːna] ( listen);[3] locally also [luˈblàːna], German: Laibach, Italian: Lubiana, Latin: Labacum or Aemona)[4] is the capital and largest city of Slovenia.[5][6] Located at the middle of a trade route between the northern Adriatic Sea and the Danube region, it was the historical capital of Carniola,[7] a Slovene-inhabited part of Austria-Hungary, and it has been the cultural, educational, economic, political, and administrative center of independent Slovenia since 1991.[5] Its central geographic location within Slovenia, transport connections, concentration of industry, scientific and research institutions and cultural tradition are contributing factors to its leading position via 500px http://j.mp/1FHVg92

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