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I wish to further understand the mysteries in this universe through music, art, literature, scientific discovery, observations about the physical world, empathetic experiences of the emotional world, and especially through the human touch of humor and love.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Frankenstein Mansion by DVA12

Princess Ljubica's Residence (Serbian: Конак књегиње Љубице) in Belgrade was built between 1829 and 1831 by Hadži-Nikola Živković, a pioneer of contemporary Serbian architecture. The residence was built on order by prince Miloš Obrenović for his wife Ljubica and their children, the future rulers Milan and Mihailo. They began living in the residence in 1831, living there for the following ten years. It is preserved as the most representative city house from the first half of 19th century. Architecturally, it contains Ottoman attributes (the so-called Serbian-Balkan style) but with elements of classicism which anticipate future Western influences on architecture in Belgrade. (from Wiki) via 500px http://j.mp/1Ahekmd

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