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I wish to further understand the mysteries in this universe through music, art, literature, scientific discovery, observations about the physical world, empathetic experiences of the emotional world, and especially through the human touch of humor and love.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Nausher.net by NausherBanaji

Bridge across the river Vltava. Prague. 'The masters of the past recognized we have spiritual needs as well as animal appetites. For Plato beauty was a path to god, while philosophers of the enlightenment saw beauty as the way to save ourselves. But art turned its back on beauty. It became slave to the consumer culture, feeding our pleasures and addictions, and wallowing in self disgust. That is the lesson of the ugliest form of art and architecture: they do not show reality. They take their revenge on it, spoiling what might have been a home and leaving us to wander unconsoled and alienated in a spiritual desert.'Roger Scruton photo copyright © Nausher Banaji 2014 via 500px http://j.mp/1D1G9ot

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